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Immerse yourself in a
another time


Since its founding in 2006, our museum has continued to evolve and become a fascinating place that transports people back to a bygone era.


Since its founding in 2006, the museum has continued to evolve and become a fascinating place that brings people back to a bygone era.


With an impressive collection of classic vehicles, jukeboxes and musical instruments, we offer an incomparable journey back in time.

Whether you are a lover of nostalgic memories or simply want to discover the historical world of mechanics and automotive design, our museum offers something special for every visitor.

The focus of our collection is on vehicles from the 1960s. However, the range extends from 1930 to 1980.

From Italy to England to Germany and the USA - we show a diverse selection of wonderful classics from different countries.

Our focus is on rare vehicles that already demonstrated their uniqueness back then.

The cars showed in the museum are also driven on the beautiful roads of the Salzkammergut in the summer months.


Come in and immerse yourself in another time, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our museum offers you the opportunity to escape the hectic everyday life and transport yourself to a bygone era. Here you can admire the beauty and elegance of classic automobiles, accompanied by the nostalgic atmosphere of the 60s.

Stroll through our exhibition and let yourself be enchanted by the shiny bodies and the timeless design of the vehicles.


Take a seat with a cup of coffee, listen to the sounds of your favorite music from our jukebox and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you.

You can browse through the small collection of selected books or read one or two interesting reports about one of the classics.


At the Manro Classic Auto & Music Museum we offer you a place of peace and relaxation where you can completely surrender to the enjoyment and fascination of times gone by. Come in and experience an unforgettable journey to another time!

ferrari 365 gt 2+2 classic ferrari automuseum österreich
Maserati Khamsin


Manfred Rotschne

Our founder, Manfred Rotschne, developed a passion for automobiles in his parents' business in Freistadt as a child. The fascinating cars of the 1960s have never left him ever since. As a young man with a passion for technology, he attended the mechanical engineering technical college and earned his engineering degree in 1975. Manfred then gained experience at major automobile companies such as General Motors, Porsche, Denzel and Toyota. In the 1980s he worked as a sports car dealer in Freistadt - it was the hotspot for rare sports cars.

In 1988, he retired from the automotive industry and founded a real estate company in Freistadt and Linz with his wife under the name MANRO Immobilien, which still exists today. Despite intensive work in the real estate sector, his passion for classic automobiles continued, and he kept a few vintage cars in his garage for the summer.

He began collecting automobilia at a young age and it seems that the idea of a museum has always been in the back of his mind. His passion for historic vehicles and his desire to preserve these treasures of the past and make them accessible to the public inspired him to build an impressive collection.

At the age of 55, Manfred Rotschne decided to return to his roots and opened the Manro Classic Museum in Koppl near Salzburg.

Therese Rotschne

Therese Rotschne

Infected with the classic car virus at an early age, Therese Rotschne has a very special connection to this fascinating world.

As the founder's daughter, she was petroliced at a young age and has since then been intensively involved in the world of classic automobiles. Her in-depth knowledge includes not only the technical aspects of the vehicles, but also their historical significance and cultural relevance.


As an enthusiastic participant in rallies or as a photographer at international events, Therese is always on the move to capture the beauty and fascination of classic automobiles. Her pictures tell stories of adventures on the road, of the passion of the drivers and the timeless elegance of the vehicles. These unique stories are also happily shared in the museum.


In addition to her work at the museum, Therese Rotschne is also involved with the Austrian Motor Veterans Association (ÖMVV) as a youth advisor. In this role, she is actively committed to inspiring young people to take an interest in the heritage of classic automobiles and giving them access to the world of vintage cars.

Maria Rotschne-Schwarz

Maria Rotschne-Schwarz, the fairy in the background of the Manro Classic Museum, is an important support and driving force behind the scenes. Although she does not necessarily feel the need to drive the vintage cars herself, she still has a big heart for these historic vehicles. Her main concern is not technical expertise, but rather ensuring order and a comfortable atmosphere in the museum.

Maria is the one who makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that visitors feel comfortable. With her warm charisma and friendly nature, she always has a story to tell about the vehicles on display and is able to convey to visitors the fascination of the world of vintage cars. Although she works in the background, her role is invaluable to the museum and makes a significant contribution to making the visit an unforgettable experience.

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