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Daimler 2.5 LTR V8 Saloon


1962 - 1967


Jack Swain


V8 cylinder

2,348 CC








The history of the Daimler V8 begins in the 1950s. The Daimler Motor Company, a British car brand, was known for its luxury vehicles. In the early 1960s, Daimler decided to incorporate a V8 engine into their vehicles to offer a more powerful option.

Daimler cars of the time had some connection to Jaguar, as both brands became part of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and later the British Leyland Motor Corporation. In terms of a direct comparison, you could say that Daimler's equivalent at the time was the Jaguar Mark 2 or the Jaguar S-Type.

The Daimler V8 engine was later integrated into other Daimler models, including sedans such as the Daimler 2.5 V8 and the Daimler V8 250. These vehicles were known for their comfortable features and luxurious character. The V8 engine was further developed and later offered in larger versions with more displacement and power.

In the 1970s, the automotive industry changed and Daimler eventually became part of the British Leyland Motor Corporation. Production of the Daimler V8 ceased and the Daimler brand went through various phases under different owners.

Nevertheless, the Daimler V8 remains a significant chapter in the history of British luxury cars. The vehicles equipped with this engine are today popular with collectors and car enthusiasts due to their elegant appearance and powerful engines.


This Daimler has literally traveled around the world.

Its journey began in England, it was then bought by a New Zealander and spent some time there. Its owner then had the idea of emigrating to Austria with all his belongings to open a restaurant. Surprised by so much bureaucracy, the owner soon packed his things again.

The Daimler remained here and was kept in good condition, especially technically, by the previous owner over the last decades.

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