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Fiat 1900 Granluce





1,901 cc

80 HP






1952 - 1958



This Fiat was and is a real Gran Touring Coupe, exclusive like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati. It was presented in Paris in 1952 and took part in the Mille Miglia. So you can take part in the Mille Miglia with this vehicle.

The Gran Vue was a so-called 'Carozzerie Speciali' like the Fiat 8V or the 1100 TV. This was a special department in Turin at the time, which designed extremely expensive and exclusive and rare vehicles - these vehicles were always technically

The coupe, called Gran Luce (in Italy), had a special body from Fiat.
The name was well chosen, the interior was much brighter than in the sedan with the relatively small windows.

Known abroad as the Grand Vue, it describes the second positive feature of the beautiful body without B-pillars: excellent visibility in all directions. The English version was called the "Grand Light".

Its new price was 2,100,000 lire, the same as that of the Lancia Aurelia B20 Coupe.

This vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission or optionally

Automatic transmission using torque converter. This patent was then
Sold America to General Motors for a lot of money.

It was very expensive for the time, so only a small number were built, around 1,500. It is impossible to say how many still exist today.

The museum owner himself has only seen two other models in his life: one that his father Josef Rotschne (born 1898) sold to the Auböck driving school in Freistadt in 1954, and one in front of the State Opera in Vienna, which belonged to the world-famous State Opera dancer Willi Dirtl from St. Pölten (Fiat Piermayer - son-in-law) and friend of our house.

Even the famous actor and former mayor of Strobl am Wolfgansee > Theo Lingen < bought and drove this car as a new car from Fiat Zinkl in Vienna!


This example in the museum is the result of a decade-long search. This Fiat is rare and not your run-of-the-mill classic car. This combination made it almost impossible to find one for the collection.

But we found what we were looking for in Italy and were lucky that it was in a very authentic original condition. Unfortunately, many of these types were in a rather desolate state and restoring such a rarity is almost impossible.

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