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Morgan Plus 4 Fourseater


1955 - 1969


Peter Morgan


Triumph TR4

4 cylinders

1,991 CCm

101 hp







In the 1960s, the Morgan Plus 4 Four Seater was a popular choice for car enthusiasts who wanted to combine the charm of a classic roadster with the ability to carry a few extra passengers.

The Morgan Motor Company already had a long tradition of producing hand-built roadsters, and the Plus 4 was one of their most famous models. Originally introduced in 1950, the Plus 4 was continually developed to meet changing customer tastes and demands.

With its lightweight chassis and powerful engine, the Plus 4 offered pure driving pleasure.

The 1960s were also a time of change and modernization in the automotive industry. Despite this, Morgan remained true to its traditional production methods. The vehicles were still hand-built with a wooden frame and aluminum body, giving each Morgan Plus 4 a unique character.

Throughout the 1960s, the Morgan Plus 4 Four Seater maintained its popularity and became a symbol of British craftsmanship and driving culture. By the end of the decade, it had a firm place in automotive history as one of the most distinctive cars of its era.


This Morgan was owned for many years by the former president of the Morgan Sports Car Club Pennsylvania, who only gave the tourer away at the age of 90.

The +4 is in exceptionally original condition with the first, beautifully patinated leather. The paint was renewed years ago in

this factory special color.

The car was imported to Germany in 2015. The front axle was overhauled there and the crankshaft seal was replaced, as were the tires five times. The general inspection and historical inspection were carried out in 2016. The top is complete, including two sets of side windows and a tarpaulin. All in all, a very interesting vehicle. It has a lively motor, can be used extensively, conveys a rustic roadster feeling and is an absolute favorite.

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